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Thermography is a method by which it is possible to determine the surface temperature distribution of objects by converting the infrared radiation emitted by objects into a color image or thermogram.

Thermographic analysis can provide a qualitative assessment of the building itself, windows or doors, the method itself is based on measurements of infrared radiation emitted by bodies (windows and walls). Thermography is preferably performed in the cool period of the year, when the heating season begins and there is a greater temperature difference between inside and outside, the desired temperature difference is at least 14 degrees.

If we are already doing some repair work for the client, we will be able to perform thermography before and after the work is done, which will better show the client the result of the work, the comparison and the benefits of doing the work in question. During the inspection, at the customer's place, immediately after the measurements, the pictures and readings are transferred to the customer's possession (by reloading the data from our device to the customer's computer with a USB cable).

We offer window and door testing with a quality professional thermograph FLIR 6 model. There are things that can be checked for windows and doors without the help of a thermograph, to identify heat loss points, which are usually window seals, structural joints. But to determine how well the window is installed, whether enough mounting foam has been blown and whether the windows are insulated and how warm the glass package itself is, it can be checked without damaging the windows only by doing THERMOGRAPHY. We also offer to carry out a full evaluation of the heat loss of the walls and part of the roof of the entire building and to find the weak points through which coolness enters the house.

When the winter period begins, the costs of thermography must be agreed with our consultants individually according to the size, complexity and location of the object in Latvia.

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