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About us

About us

SIA MJ LOGI company has been on the market for more than 12 years. Our team has already grown to more than 20 employees. We are happy to say that all of our finished products are produced directly in LATVIA. You can go to us to see everything on the spot and see that your window or door is manufactured here, and not imported from Poland or Turkey. The firm has 4 core industries, all of which are very closely related to each other:

1. Production of PVC windows, doors, sliding systems from rehau profiles.

2. Installation of PVC windows, doors.

3. Production and assembly of glass packages.

4. All kinds of window and door repair and maintenance works.

We produce PVC windows and doors from the German REHAU system, which is one of the highest quality and leading profile systems in the world. More and more customers are demanding windows and doors with high energy efficiency, which REHAU GENEO and SYNEGO systems can provide to our potential customers.

Nowadays, the role of energy-efficient things is emphasized more and more. It can also be applied to window insulation with energy-efficient packages and seals, and proper window installation, which will allow you to save on heating costs in the long term and increase the comfort of life. It is not always necessary to replace the old window with a new one, SIA MJ LOGI also offers high-quality and extensive window repair and insulation.

We offer practically everything related to window repair, maintenance and modernization, including: replacement of double-glazed windows, adjustment of windows, replacement of seals, replacement of fittings, sealing of windows, installation of insect screens, installation of security fittings, installation of Holz plus aluminum, window restoration, installation of a hinged window in a non-hinged window, non-standard solutions, etc.

SIA MJ Logi has been cooperating for several years with many property managers and window manufacturers throughout Latvia, as well as in the regions . We always try to find a compromise according to the client's possibilities, both in the choice of materials and in the cost of prices. We can proudly say that our client base is only growing every year, all thanks to our quality and mutually successful cooperation with the client.

On our website, we tried to describe all the offered services and fittings in an easy-to-understand language without any complicated graphs, large tables and long texts with incomprehensible and foreign words for the consumer of the everyday service or product. We tried to show and reflect many things and defects in pictures, so that it is visually clear what situations our team is capable of solving and repairing.

We hope that everyone, visitors to our website, will have found useful information or a type of service that will be useful in the near or future stage could be useful and what our company MJ LOGI could provide you. If, however, you have not found a question or a description of the solution of your interest, please write to us at logu-remonts@inbox.lv, we will try to answer you as soon as possible.


MJ Logi offers: Production, installation and repair of PVC windows and doors.

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