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Perfect formability, absolute design freedom, optimal price-performance ratio - all this applies to windows and doors made of high quality PVC. We produce our profiles with a very special surface: High-Definition-Finishing.

This extremely smooth surface hardly allows dirt to settle and is easy to maintain. Maintenance of our windows and doors can be done quickly: once a year a few drops of household oil on the fittings and silicone on the seals.

PVC windows and doors provide a high level of comfort and excellent sound insulation. A high-quality sealing system in the window frame and sash not only takes care of sound insulation in your home, but will also protect it from strong winds and rain gases. Excellent thermal insulation will prevent warm air from escaping from the house during the cold months of the year. You can be sure that the windows will last a long time and their visual appearance will remain unchanged even after many years of use. Renovating with energy-efficient PVC windows will improve the thermal insulation of your home, even cutting your home heating costs in half in the long term.

If safety is important, you can improve the anti-burglary class of your home's windows up to RC3 by choosing high-quality PVC windows from profiles made in Europe. Modern smart solutions for window security are also possible - preventive alarm SmartGuard.

Our offer includes a wide profile palette and a large selection of colors and shapes. In addition to a few color variants, you will be able to choose the shape of the windows almost unlimitedly. The various mounting options of PVC windows will allow you to fulfill any customer's wishes both in new constructions and during home renovation, from standard solutions to exclusive solutions specifically for your home.

PVC windows with 80mm installation depth and Uf-value up to 0.94 W/m2K

SYNEGO windows are the best choice for energy-saving customers.
In addition to the Uf value of up to 0.94 W/m²K, the system proves itself with economy and various design options.
Benefits overview:
1. Energy savings due to better thermal insulation
2. Silence provided by better sound insulation
3. Individual home protection measures for a greater sense of security
4. Modern window design with different shapes and colors
5. Sparkling clean windows with unique HDF finish
6. Responsible attitude towards the environment

Technical data:


Visible profile height jamb/sash

174 mm

Visible width threshold/sash

136 mm (threshold height 20 mm)
Installation depth 80mm
Number of cameras 7/5
Glass package thickness 44 - 50 mm
Seal systems AD: 2 back seals
MD: 2 back seals and middle seal
Profile Design plane deflected sash


Heat insulation, Uf 1.2 W/m²K
Sound insulation Rw up to 45 dB
Anti-burglary security (EN 1627) up to RC2
Resistance to wind loads (EN 12210) B2
Rainwater tightness (EN 12208) 4A
Air permeability (EN 12207) 4

Profile scheme:

Save heating costs with new REHAU windows
You cannot influence rising energy prices, but you can reduce your personal energy consumption. By building house or when renovating a house, it is important to minimize heat loss as much as possible, thereby reducing heating costs and saving money. The windows are most often one of the places in the house where there is the greatest heat loss.
A lot of valuable energy is lost through poorly insulated windows, therefore, when choosing windows, attention should be paid to their energy efficiency. Heat loss through windows will be affected by both the size of the windows and their quality. To save heat, it is recommended to choose multi-chamber PVC windows with the lowest possible window U-value (thermal conductivity coefficient), which retain heat well and are made of quality materials.
Installation of windows is no less important, after their installation the window openings must be properly insulated and properly sealed. Correct placement of windows in the window bay will allow efficient use of solar energy and reduce the use of artificial lighting.
What are the benefits of choosing energy efficient windows?
  • Reduced heat loss in houses
  • Saved heating costs
  • Reduced impact on climate and environment
  • Careful treatment of resources
  • Increased home value

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