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Windows sealing gum milling

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   What to do with old “FUTER” wood windows, can those get restored? About the old wooden windows, we remember about every year the banding with the annual tape before winter, which is a labor-intensive event and also visually unattractive. BlicgumIefrTit1  Our specialists have also seen the curious situations, when the mayor of the owner is full and the windows through which the coolness of the inside is blown out by montage foam or filled with silicone. But there are more reasonable and efficient solutions, which still has an old type of windows, they can greatly improve the heat-sealing by milling sealing gum, which prevents the introduction of excess air, moisture and wind flowing into the room. We offer two types cylindrical rubber sealing  BlicgumIefrTit2

DEVENTER and PRIMO silicon materials. Silicone rubber milling our specialists are coming to costumers, work is done with specially equipped milling equipment and a vacuum cleaner attached to it, for reducing dust in the room, which will inevitably be in the process of work.


   In non-standard cases, we are using also adhesive seals from the BlicgumIefrTit3  

German manufacturer SLIEGEL and TESA. There are situations when there are large-sized structures with various deformations and in such cases it is necessary to adjust one of the additional seals that are available to us. In principle, any type of window and door can be installed in the sealing rubber; only in each situation, we need to find the right solution, that our musters are trying to do in the objects.


   By insulate the windows with the modern method, you will reduce the costs of heating, get more comfort in the rooms, improve sound insulation and reduce the amount of dust that came along all the gaps.




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