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Window ventilation devices

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1 VENTAIR HIGROSTER      A very important thing for windows is their ventilation possibilities. The majority of early-stage panel houses had been built and airing through wooden Windows type futures, which had no seal between the sash and the window and had a small opening, which took place in the air. Nowadays, most people have replaced these old windows with PVC windows that are very airtight and do not undergo any air exchange through them, and then all the big problems started. It starts to mold windows walls, the moisture condenses on the bottom of the glass, the air is formed in the room, starts to perish the wardrobe, and so on. How to avoid all of this and do not live in a chilly and humid place?

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    The simplest way, of course, is to often manually vent windows, but sometimes people are lazy to do this, and also the tense rhythm of our lives - getting up early in the morning and coming late in the evening at home, forbidding us to do this. The only and cheapest solution is to equip windows with forced ventilation, which can be installed both in your existing PVC window and by ordering new windows from the manufacturer. Our company offers VENTAIR branded window ventilation equipment with a self-regulating membrane, which, in changing the humidity and temperature in the room, it automatically regulates airflow in the room. It provides an independent, even air exchange in the room and prevents the formation of mold and the appearance of condensation on the glass.
  For these all the additional ventilation equipment offered by many manufacturers, there are several minor minuses offered by our VENTAIR product.


    The first one, during on strong wind or storm, it allows too much to enter the fresh air and hence the coolness, as their manual closure provides hermeticity, so it is not advisable to put a high-rise building on the last floors and private houses that are open without neighbors, without trees and adjacent buildings.
The second, with the set up of ventilation, the sound insulation of the window, which is a very important thing, especially in cities where there are many transport, people and dance clubs, and bars-induced noise.

     Third, it draws into the room through a narrow opening, not just fresh air, but also dust and dust damage the window fittings, because of the often damaged window top mechanisms, that over the years accumulate and fittings transmissions, because no one, of course, cleans up their.

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The fourth, if there is a very high temperature difference, especially in the winter between the outdoor air and the interior space, let out -20 degrees and in +20 degrees, condensation may begin on the inside of the ventilation, which can start to drip on the inner window sills in small quantities, to create small water snakes.

    Through it all, we do not want to say that the ventilation should not be installed, but we want to focus that, faced with one of the side effects that are listed by this ventilation may cause. And not saying that all of these side effects are formed and they all interfere with the life, but the possibility exists and therefore it should be taken into account when ordering it at the companies that install it.


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