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Window regulation


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      Window regulation is the most popular window problem that happens with windows. In Latvia are many different window furniture’s companies  (ROTO, SIGENIA, WINK HAUSE, MACO, GU, SAPPA, SCHUCO, VORENE, etc.) and each type of window has its own accessories, so there are a lot of different models and manufacturers. Each of the furniture’s models has its own nuances for correct window adjustment. Therefore, it is better to trust this problem to professionals from our company.



      Proper window regulation require special tools and accessories, that you can’t buy in every shop or store. Quite often, our customers before they have asked for help, they tried to fix furniture by themselves, someone did it better, someone did it worse. The conclusion is, no-one has been done it really well, because they need an in-depth knowledge about of each window and about the fixing system which is built into the window. WE WANT TO EMPHASIZE THAT THE WRONG REGULATION OF THE WINDOW’S FURNITURE MAY CAUCE DAMAGE THE COMPONENT AND FRAME GEOMETRY.



      Experience shows, that in Latvia are often windows completed with low-quality furniture’s, which must regulate more often and more often are broken. A lot of imported windows are from POLAND and TURKEY, their quality is often questionable and requires more often repair. There are lots of situations when customers call to our company and want to make just regulation of windows, but when the our masters arrive and take a look of windows, many unpleasant things are revealed (incorrectly installed windows, window sash deformations, weak seals, weak window handles, damaged furniture’s), and in such of cases, it’s necessary to make complex window repair, to achieve the desired result and the windows will serve again for a long time.


16 186.jpg        Our company over the years has built up a very large windows furniture’s detail warehouse of different manufacturers, which we systematically try to replenish each year, so, we have a lot of details of the windows in our warehouse and our masters can exchange it quickly. If the discarding parts are not on the warehouse, we can order them from the manufacturer as soon as possible. When we encounter windows who are already 20 years old or more, we usually recommend for clients to install a new furniture’s system, because usually there are no more available spare parts for old models, and they are also physically worn out and frayed.

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