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Window and door waxing

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x15LoguvaxTIT 1       Wooden windows usually choose people who wants more natural and more designable, moreover, the price of these windows is more higher than the PVC windows. It is very important, that the wooden window will serve us for many years to periodically. Most people do not even know that the wooden windows should periodically maintenance from the outside with a paint protection, not to damage the paint shield. x15LoguvaxTIT 2  A good manufacturer tells very strongly it to customers that, windows need to do this prevention, but who can remember about it in our daily tight rhythm and most people forget about this important thing. As it is known, the sun's rays every year remain more effective not only for us, people, but also for windows and their processing paints and varnishes. 

x15LoguvaxTIT 3   Our company offers to process windows with the German firm REMMERS dye care products designed for both exterior and windows. Of course, this measure can be taken if the color of the windows is still relatively good and the color shield does not slip away. The product is intended for both varnishes and paints, and does not matter whether it is based on water or acetone. It is advisable to do this only during the warm summer, the day when there is no rain, and when the air temperature is above + 10 degrees, then this materials works better. 

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    By handling windows with this tool, the customer will achieve two important things. First, it will be a very good protection for the color that fills all the small microspores that the sun burns over time and creates a smooth, transparent protective layer over the entire profile. The second, it refreshes visually the visual view of the window, in particular it is visible and darker colors for windows, where the difference is enormous. Customers often ask, if you have painted our windows that they will look good now? All this result can be achieved without spending a lot of money.

x15LoguvaxTIT 5       When applying this product, it is necessary to observe the use of protective gloves and be careful that the product does not applied to the surface of glass parts of the window and the outside window sill, because then it is very difficult to erase from the surface of the glass.  One part of clients chooses to do these processing work themselves by purchasing this product at us, then we take a short instruction how to make it better, and how much this agent is needed to purchase for the respective amount of windows. Most of the clients already want our masters to do these jobs, because they want that the result would be as good as possible and it could serve for a long time.

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