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Rehau Window manufacturing

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rehlog bild 1     Although, the main area of ​​MJ LOGI is the repair and maintenance of all kinds of windows, doors, relatively recently, our company has started manufactured windows and doors with REHAU profiles. We bought a ready-made PVC window production line from a well-known company in Latvia, LĪVAS GROUP  livasgrupawhich has experience more than 20 years in market of windows’ production. Why is this choice to start producing of PVC windows and with the REHAU profile? Making window repairs for more than 10 years, our company has a very large customer base, which grows every year, people trust to us and turn to us to asking what kind of windows to buy better, which company in Latvia can trust, which types of glass packages to choose? Therefore, we also decided, we ourselves should begin to produce windows, because knowledges about it is sufficient and we know how to complete a window with good materials, for long time serving and not spreading.

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Our company wishes receive to current offer from the owner of the LĪVAS GROUP, to purchase their manufacturing equipment and continue to serve for their customers by producing quality windows and repairing works, as well we start to offer own customers windows, instead of redirecting them to one of our co-operation partners. Of course, in addition to the experience of MJ LOGI, there comes LĪVAS GROUP long years experience of manufacture and installation of windows, with what they also shared with us. We can say with a raised head, we are strong in this industry!

rehlog bild 9m    We manufacture windows from three REHAU systems: EURO DESIGN 60mm systems; EURO DESIGN 70mm systems and SYNEGO 80mm systems. The most popular on the market are currently 70mm windows, but slowly, especially in the segment of private houses, SYNEGO windows are starting to take the leading position. For many things, as well as heating costs, there is a constant tendency to increase every year, so, it’s worthwhile to think about buying the maximally energy efficient windows for a new house, because they will save the money in the long run for the saved heating. We also offer modular PSK and HST sliding systems, we can say, now selects every second person, who is building a private house.


   REHAU Logi no profiliem "SYNEGO" - Labsajūta sākas ar siltumu

SYNEGO sniedz maksimālu elastību. Jūs saņemiet logu sistēmu ar ārējiem vai vidus blīvējumiem un Uf vērtību ≤ 1,0 W/m2K.
Iebūves dziļums 80mm ir optimāls siltām 3-stiklu paketēm. Ar plašu profilu paleti un lielu krāsu un formu izvēli, dažādām montāžas iespējām jaunbūvēs un renovācijā iespējams piepildīt jebkuras prasības. rehlog bild 13


Profila galvenās priekšrocības:

  • Uf līdz 1,0 W/m2K ar ārējo un vidus blīvējumiem
  • Rāmim: 7 kameras / Vērtnei: 6 kameras
  • Divu vai trīs atdurblīvējumu sistēma
  • Trīs stiklu pakete līdz pat 51mm biezumā! (Ug 0.5)
  • Skaņas izolācija: līdz Rw,p = 46 dB
  • Plaša profilu palete – ieskaitot ārdurvis un alumīnija uzlikas
  • Zemi profili ar redzamo daļu 117 mm
  • Racionāls noliktavas sortiments: viena sistēma – divi blīvējumu varianti
  • High-Definition-Finishing virsma (HDF): augstvērtīga, ļoti gluda un viegli kopjama virsma
  • Dabai draudzīgs – pakļauts otrreizējai pārstrādei


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