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Pvc sash instalation in the showcase

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10PvcVertIet 3       People often order new PVC windows from manufacturers to get lower price, choosing to less complete windows with sash, which significantly reduces the overall price of the window. When people have been lived with new windows for some longer time, they realize that the choice hasn’t been right. The apartments have difficulty cleaning the windows from the outside, because the window isn’t opening and it can’t be exposed from the outside. The layout of the room with furniture and sofas is incompatible with the location of the window sash and easy access to it. Offices often rearrange the room and make partitions in general to disappear the window sash and access to it.

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    This problem can be solved without any significant damaged. In any type of old and new PVC windows and aluminum windows, it is possible to insert an alloyed sash without damaging the windows and windowsills. It’s necessary to order a new alloyed PVC sash with a new glass pane and fittings kit. Also, the directions and ways of turning, colors and furniture can be chosen in ordering by the client.

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Windows, which are located high above from the floor and which will be hard to touch, Installing in an addition parts of sash can be fitted with an additional special fittings of furniture’s that can be opened from a comfortable height with manual or electrical control or can be fitted with electrically openable motors for easier to use.



     It is possible to install sash  in existing one wood windows, but it is a very complicated and expensive and not all wooden windows it can be done. In this case, the cheaper option would be to put a new window, if it is possible.

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