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Lubricant oil of furniture

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fell 1      The windows and doors have a lot of furnitures accessories from different manufacturers, all of them require technical maintenance. Mechanisms to serve long and easy to work, they must carry out periodic lubrication fittings, where it is designed for window maintenance. In cities with more dust and car emissions, this should be done more often, but less outside cities. It is desirable to carry out the furnitures oiling at least once every 3-4 year, and it can be done more often. In places where humidity is increased, in bathrooms, pools, saunas, there must be done more often, depending on the amount of moisture, otherwise the furnitures fittings can very quickly rust and stop working.

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      Our company's employees use only high-quality lubricants, oils, graphite greases from WURTH, the world's leading lubricant manufacturer. For each type and model of the fittings, there are certain places where this lubrication is to be performed and what kind of lubricants should be used. Often, when the lubrication is carried out by the owners themselves, the lubricants are not put in all necessary places where it should be, only window service specialists know it and therefore there isn’t enough good efficiency from the done work .



fell 3      Our customers who trust us their windows and we periodically carry out about maintenance, the life of their  furnitures are fittings much more longer than where the masters come the first time and for the windows of 10-15  years hasn’t done nothing. Dry fittings work harder, with more load on individual components, and the central gearbox, as well as transmission parts, are much faster. Check out how easy or difficult your window is working and isn’t the time to lubricate parts with the good lubricants and with the experience of our company masters?

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